Good Food & A Good Life at Radiant

"Let Food be thy medicine, thy medicine shall be food" ~ Hippocrates

At Radiant, we take great pride in creating good food on a daily basis at our in house factory canteen that serves piping hot, nutritious and delicious meals to over 2000 persons on a daily basis. Our state of the art canteen that was opened in January 2021 has a seating capacity of 600 persons per meal shift and operates 24 * 7 serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea to our staff, workers, vendors and other associates who make our daily operations successful and target oriented. Let us walk through our canteen infrastructure to understand why our resources troop into the same day and night to find solace in good food and good life @ Radiant.


The canteen is capable of serving up to 600 meals per session via 2 counters that cater to males and females each. Each counter has been designed to serve a fast moving crowd that is very essential to the concept of manufacturing wherein we have people to be served and cleared as per the designated break timings. The seating is based on slide - in stools on a dining table that enables conversations coupled with fun, frolic and laughter at the table. The canteen kitchen is fully automated wherein all cooking appliances run on electricity and piped LPG through the dedicated gas bank for the kitchen operations.


Canteen operations are fully automated to avoid queue formation and ensure fast service at the counters. Radiant deploys an in house developed Canteen Management System (CMS) to track each meal that is served at the canteen. This system helps in identifying each consumer of a meal that is served in the canteen besides eliminating paper tokens and registers to tally the meal count. This initiative has helped save more than 500 kilograms of paper every year that is equivalent to wood derived from 25 trees, thus fulfilling our responsibility towards a greener and sustainable planet.


Food quality is ensured by continuous and detailed monitoring of the entire food preparation chain right from procurement of raw materials, storage, cooking to actual serving of the cooked meals. The monthly Canteen Committee meetings help in addressing issues related to demand, quality and other feedback that is recorded at the canteen. Radiant records random feedback from all workers and staff on a daily basis for all batches that partake food in the canteen and uses an effective mechanism to act upon the feedback provided.


Radiant prides itself in providing wholesome and nourishing meals to all its staff and workers without any limitations set on the quantity. In simple words, you can eat untill you cannot eat any more. Being a labour intensive sector, we at Radiant never define a fixed quantity on any items during a meal and allow people to replenish their plates as many times as one wishes to do so.


Food at Radiant is priced at levels much below government run canteens in the city. This is possible due to the highly subsidised percentage paid by the factory for each meal irrespective of the person partaking the meal. We believe that food should be cheap, wholesome, provide nourishment and energy besides fulfilling the calorific requirements of the human being. Towards this aim, we ensure that our food remains within the financial reach of everyone in the factory and the fact that less than 5% of our daily workers and staff prefer to get cooked meals from home while the balance 95% enjoy the food dished out by our canteen is testimony to our standards.

Choice of Menu

One of our biggest challenge is to cater for the taste preferences of people belonging to more than 19 states and UTs of India each having different dietary and taste preferences. To achieve wider levels of satisfaction, Radiant takes into account the feedback provided by the meal eaters on a daily basis and incorporates dynamic changes in its daily menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner besides taking into account the availability of seasonal vegetables and fruits in the local markets. We pride ourselves in providing menu items from different parts of the country while ensuring that the palates of all our talent are satisfied to the best possible manner.

A human being earns a living to fulfil three basic requirements of Roti (food), Kapda (clothes) and Makaan (shelter). We at Radiant go out of our way to ensure that the basic requirement of food is fulfilled to the utmost manner as satisfied workers and staff give their best performance after having a healthy and a hearty meal.