L & D Initiatives at Radiant

"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer" ~ Bruce Lee

Something that can always be done better not only the second time but always each and every time is an output of a common notion understood among many, “Practice makes a man perfect”. But how many understand that the pattern of improvement can be sufficiently regular to be predictive? How many understand such patterns when grouped, can help us achieve a common task. The composite of these patterns is what results in an industrial learning curve which then quantifies to performance.

As per the trends of the past years in the industry, it has been understood that with certain steps taken at the right level and at the right time, the learning curve will always go in the upward direction, resulting in employee development at the organisational level. This also ensures to cater to the rapid ramifications that are being caused due to the fourth industrial revolution (4IR), which is a result of rapid integration of technological disruption and digital transformations.

Citing these trends, we here at Radiant, have been taking great strides to accelerate towards achieving the company goals by empowering our employees and workers with the latest training sessions and programs to improve their technical and soft skills.


We have developed a state of of the art training room has been set up at the heart of the factory, which is to the located adjacent to the production lines. It is equipped with cutting edge devices to include projectors, Bluetooth enabled audio visual systems with speakers and mic, white boards and writing chairs with foldable tables. The training room can seat at least 50 people and is expandable to include upto 100 people thus ensuring that a large audience can be trained in a single session thus entailing maximum participation and minimal disruption.

Soft Skills Training

The modern workplace of today demands and requires a workforce which is adaptable, are critical thinkers who can communicate effectively being aware of their values as well as areas of development. Keeping such requirments into consideration, Radiant organizes regular training sessions on communication skills, business etiquette, critical thinking, and other soft skills. This ensures that the surge of industry change, automation, and technological advancements makes the Radiant workforce ever ready and capable of embracing changes and adaptive to the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambigous (VUCA) world of today.

Leadership Training and Development

Leaders are the employees in the workforce who not only drive the organization towards achieving goals but also contribute to the training and development of future leaders. Keeping this aspect in mind, we have tied up with one of India’s best agencies to train our Leadership team in a personalized manner ensuring that the leaders are equipped with specific skills and a mindset towards achieving technological affluence and team enhancement skills.

Technical Skills Training

Our core strength happens to be the 3rd party workers who actually drive the entire manufacturing process and operations at the factory. We go out of our way to keep them well trained in the latest manufacturing techniques and SOPs to achieve high levels of productivity coupled with Quality standards. Our month on month achievement of customer targets is testimony to the fact that we leave no stome unturned to keep our workers at the cutting edge of delivery to our customers, at all times.

Learning and Development initiatives are slowly and steadily driving the organization towards making an Adaptive, Agile, and Savvy Employee workforce at Radiant.