Our Business


Radiant Appliances leverages its strength from the design and supply chain expertise of its global partners. Currently, we manufacture LED TVs (32 inches-65 inches) for all the top brands in the market. The present assembly process involves LCM (Open Cell) assembly and Final Assembly.

We are in the process of expanding the plant and are adding further capabilities on backward integration with regards to sheet metal, plastics and PCBA. Catering to multiple brands under one roof, we ensure that there is no compromise in quality, be it IQC, PQC or OQC. Our plans for the future involve the addition of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners into the product portfolio.

Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the backbone of any manufacturing activity. Therefore, we operate in a close-knit supply chain network with our global partners and map out material requirements well in advance to ensure timely order fulfilment. On an average, we import 300-350 containers per month, which includes close to 600 material line items per invoice/order number. We are an AEO, enjoying green channel customs clearances for our shipments. Currently we import material into JNPT (80%) and Chennai port (20%), and all material from JNPT is cleared at Hyderabad ICD.

We also have a healthy local vendor base for domestic procurement of items like cartons, EPS, labels, B.Cabs., etc. The localization plan is to target most of the FA kit material items.


Ensuring Time to Market is key for our customers. We have adequate warehousing space to handle FG, however we like to ensure our dispatches are planned in advance with all material readiness in terms of palletisation, customer SRM updates, etc. The WMS system that we use ensures that we meet the requisite quality standards during dispatch. At present, we have 4 loading docks for outbound shipments and 2 for in-bound shipments. Our daily capacity is to accommodate 25-30 vehicles (20ft and 32ft).

After Market Support

Radiant extends complete support to its clients with regards to managing customer field returns/market complaints. Our team is on standby to support the customer with repair/re-work solutions as required. We also manage all the spares requirements for our OEM customers through a dedicated team.