Quality Control at Radiant!

“Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.” – Steve Jobs

At Radiant, we firmly believe that adherence to world class quality controls and processes enable us to live up to our values of Trust, Transparency, Loyalty and Quality with all our customers thus enabling them to return back to us for world class products and solutions that enable ensures their business to be ahead of the curve at all times. At our factory, Quality consciousness is imbibed into a new joiner from the time he/she accepts our offer to join the organisation by means of detailed instructions and process flowcharts that enables him/her to seamlessly complete the joining process and documentation. During the tenure of the individual at Radiant, he/she is exposed to various facets of quality inside the factory on a recurring, daily and repetitive basis to such an extent that ensuring quality (in all spheres) becomes second nature to all our talent. How do we ensure 100% quality control over every single piece that is manufactured at our facility?

We adhere to the below mentioned aspects of Quality Control to ensure that anything that comes inside and moves within and finally outside the factory adheres to our ever persevering standards of quality and fulfilment at all costs.

• Inbound Quality Control (IQC)
• Warehouse Management System (WMS)
• Manufacturing Quality Control (MQC)
• Process Quality Control (PQC)
• Visual Quality Control (VQC)
• Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
• Quality champions and cheerleaders
• 5 S Process and systems
• LEAN Manufacturing Process
• Outbound Quality Control (OQC)
• Customer Support (CS) helpline for Field Quality redemption
• Radiant Helpline (available on Website) for all stakeholders for recording and closure

At Radiant, we believe in the concept of Adaptive, Agile and Savvy to run our manufacturing process with the intended outcome of providing Customer Delight always and every time to our valued customers.