Populating an Unpopulated Locality

At Radiant, we boast of an employee base belonging to 19 states and Union territories of India. Majority of our employees who join us from other states and cities are apprehensive in terms of finding a good location to relocate once they join and thus they scour the internet for available choices and options. At Radiant, many of our innovative employees who had joined us from outstation locations came out with an out of the box solution “Start residing in nearby localities after doing some research and then continue with the population expansion of Radiant staff”.

The first ones to get onto this bandwagon was from the HR team itself, a bunch of motley people across three different verticals with three varying needs. Debasis, who was relocating from another locality of Hyderabad wanted a safe and secure place for his wife and child while Malla who was in the same boat was looking for a similar outcome. Joining them was Madhu, who wanted a relatively peaceful and nearby place for himself commensurate to his lifestyle (Madhu was then and till today remains a steadfast bachelor).

Their common interests took them to a place called Bongoloor (eerily sounding similar to Bengaluru) located about 12 kilometres from Radiant offering what the doctor just ordered for the trio – pollution free residence, no traffic, dedicated service road for commute, 15 minutes driving time along with safety and security. The only flipside was that Swiggy and Zomato refused to acknowledge the existence of this place on google maps and thus the trio made the difficult choice of eating a humble pie (literally) and pay more attention to the positives and conveniently ignore food cravings over a better lifestyle in the offing. Accordingly, the “Pioneers” started the process of moving in to the locality in July 2021 and settled down in a three storied bungalow with each member occupying an individual floor.

Very soon, their exploits become the talk of the town at Radiant and any new comer joining Radiant would invariably be guided and goaded towards seeking blessings and advice from the “Pioneers”. Very soon, the “Pioneers” were singularly responsible for populating Bongoloor with many more employees of Radiant. Sirisha who joined us in October 2020 shifted to a newly constructed apartment building on the advice of the trio was soon joined by Pallavi in January 2021 who shifted in from Bokaro. Roshan added to this list in late January 2021 after his joining from New Delhi while Harinath completed the expansion plans of Radiant employees in the locality.

As we write this, many new joinings at Radiant continue to flock daily to seek darshan and gyaan from the “Pioneers” on various accommodation options while prospective new joinings seek enlightenment on WhatsApp and Email from the trio. We at Radiant, salute this spirit of brotherhood, caring and attention of our current employees towards helping all our new joinings to settle down in a comfortable, safe, secure and nearby location so that they can effectively contribute their very best at work while being content with the fact that their loved one’s reside safely during their work hours and a common bond is forged between our employees, both on and off work. All our employees staying at Bongoloor epitomise our core values of “Adaptive” “Agile” and “Savvy” in the literal sense!