How to stop the hustle and establish work-life boundaries

Most diligent people overwork while sacrificing their personal lives and wear these as badges of honor. The constant need to stay connected and get things done attitude can leave mental and physical health in shambles. However, not having a work-life balance will hamper your motivation to work. Hence, establishing work-life boundaries is an integral part of healthy workplace culture.

At Radiant Appliances & Electronics, we have strived to keep the stress minimal and offer the perfect balance for our employees’ personal and professional lives. Based on the experiences of our able staff, here are a few pointers to set work boundaries while having a content personal life.

Understand the balance

Taking time to assess the personal balance along with the limits and how to set them is critical. It is also fundamental that you respect your co-workers’ boundaries. When you start abiding by theirs, they are more likely to reciprocate.

Exercise open communication

Apart from work, you have a home, relationships, passions, and most importantly a personal space, which are as important as your work. Understandably your priorities can change as per the situation. This is where healthy communication comes in. Always inform your colleagues of your working hours and what would constitute a work emergency.

Be consistent

Once you have set your boundaries, be consistent with them. Your co-workers are more likely to respect them if you stick with them. However, it is okay to be flexible at times but never at the cost of mental peace.

Keep the relationship professional

Having a friend at the workplace is excellent and can help dilute the stress. But these relationships can be tricky and may tweak your personal boundaries. See what works out the best with your work friends and decide accordingly.

Know your limits

Instead of pushing yourself at all times, figure out which part of the day you feel more energetic for optimal output. Identify those hours and share the same with your team. Read the signs your body is giving in case of burnout. Take a short break and get back to work rejuvenated.

Take a vacation

Vacation is all about taking time off and rewinding. It does not necessarily have to be a two-week tropical getaway. Even a day away from the normal work life can help you get back to work with greater rigor. You can spend time on your hobby, read a book, relax on a beach or take a nap.

Turn off technology

All kinds of electronic communication devices are an integral part of our lives that help us stay connected and increase our work output. Yet they are also a prime distraction. You can put your device on a Do Not Disturb mode or on silent, and focus completely on work. Alternatively, when you’re going to be away, inform your colleagues about your availability.

Setting a work-life boundary is all about ensuring that you commit to your work and personal life. If you also seek the perfect personal and professional life balance, check out for openings on our Careers page. Are you a business that wants to know our secret to keeping employees happy and becoming a global brand? Call us at (+91) 8414667701 or email us at info@radiantappliances.com